2017 Lazaridis Report front cover

The 2017 Lazaridis Report identifies key business practices that lead to sales revenue growth in Canada’s technology firms.

The 2017 study, Do the Right Things: More Secrets from Successful Canadian Technology Companies, summarizes the most influential practices by age and firm type, and provides a ‘sweet-spot’ assessment that combines the two categories.

Following from the 2016 findings that indicated how crucial investment in selling and marketing was, especially for younger firms, the 2017 report also shows where the money is spent (or not) by Canadian tech firms.

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2016 Lazaridis Report front cover

The 2016 Lazaridis Report examines tech firms in Ontario, comparing younger and older firms.

The 2016 study, Business (Practice) Makes Perfect: How Successful Technology Companies in Ontario Grow, reveals how core business practices different for younger vs. older firms enjoying high revenue growth. It also offers preliminary insight to the practices appropriate for international markets.

Two type of firms emerged:

  1. Exceptional Performers (those with higher than average revenue growth in their age group); and
  2. Solid Performers (others with lower than average revenue growth in that group).

Each group is characterized by a unique set of practices that underpin high growth.

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