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Lazaridis Institute Research Grants

The Lazaridis Institute provides seed grants for early stage research projects (e.g., first round of substantial funding or designed to facilitate successive funding). These grants are available to faculty in the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics although external collaborators may be part of the application.

Funded research broadly aligns with the mandate of the Lazaridis Institute. The activities we fund may include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching a new theoretical or empirical perspective, concept, idea or approach
  • Developing, launching or testing a new research idea or approach
  • Conducting a feasibility study

Amount: From $5,000 to $10,000
Term: Up to one year
Who Can Apply: Lazaridis School faculty
Applications Due: Applications are now closed. A new call will be issued in January 2018.

Purpose and Scope

The Lazaridis Institute for Management of Technology Enterprises funds the development of new ideas and approaches to achieving results at the individual, firm, regional and/or national levels. Funded research projects are intended to lead to a major grant application. They must broadly align with the mandate of the Lazaridis Institute:

The Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises supports growth-oriented Canadian technology companies. We empower current and emerging technology firms to scale rapidly into globally competitive enterprises.

The Lazaridis Institute supports research pertinent to the management issues faced by high growth technology firms.

Applications for seed funding will support research projects that:

  • Create new and better ways of doing things (more efficiently or effectively, leading to greater impact);
  • Develop an evidence base relevant to the LI mandate through developing and/or testing new and existing theories and ideas;
  • Respond to emerging issues in the global community of technology organizations.

Successful seed projects that produce meaningful evidence with proven results should be used by a grant recipient to subsequently apply for funding for a large, implementation-oriented project.

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All costs funded by the Lazaridis Institute must be eligible and necessary to carry out the described project. They must meet all Tri-Agency funding guidelines.

Eligible expenses include: 

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  • Salaries and benefits (students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians)
  • Up to $750 of non-disposable equipment used to acquire data (e.g. digital recorder, tablet)
  • User fees or subscriptions for service providers (e.g. SurveyGizmo)
  • Materials and supplies, including data where necessary
  • Dissemination costs
  • Travel (field work, archival work, collaboration and conferences)

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Hosting workshops
  • Visiting faculty salary or support

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The LI Seed Fund supports early stage research. Accordingly:

  • The content of the proposal for funding must be substantively different from other funds currently held or applied for.
  • Requests must broadly align with the mandate of the Lazaridis Institute.
  • Seed funding is not intended to top-up an existing funded project.

Application and Assessment

Researchers complete the Lazaridis Institute Research Seed Grant application form including a budget and justification for funds requested. All applications must be forwarded directly to the LI Research Director Nicole Coviello

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Applicants are required to:

  • Clearly describe what idea, challenge or opportunity they will be exploring.
  • Describe the practical and theoretical need that will be addressed through the project.
  • Describe the activities required to complete the project.
  • Explain how the project aligns with the mandate of the Lazaridis Institute.
  • Describe what they are hoping to learn from the project.

Applications will be assessed by the Lazaridis Institute Research Advisory Council (LIRAC). LIRAC will consider the following points:

  • The project’s alignment with the mandate of the Lazaridis Institute.
  • The importance of the idea, challenge or opportunity of the project.
  • The practical need for the project.
  • Whether the project/activities/processes being used are appropriate for achieving the desired goals in a reasonable timeline.

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Post-Approval Grantee Reporting

A final report will provide an assessment of the project within 14 months of the award announcement including:

  • Achievement against the grant.
  • Costs incurred in accordance with approved budget.
  • What was learned from the results of the project, and how the new knowledge was used and disseminated.
  • Next steps.

Learning and Knowledge Mobilization

Upon request, the grantee will provide the Lazaridis Institute with access to relevant documentation of results from the project for purposes of Lazaridis Institute analysis and aggregation of information.

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 These findings will help build the Lazaridis Institute base of knowledge, and allow applicants, other organizations, staff and students to learn from these projects.

Upon request, the grantee will share the abstract of the funded project and provide the Lazaridis Institute with access to contact details and Laurier website information on the grantee. The Lazaridis Institute will profile funded projects on its own website.

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